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    The word ‘Cosmo’ refers to the world or universe while ‘Sol’ in Latin means sun..

    Harnessing the enormous energy from Sun to transform this world underpin the philosophy of ‘CosmoSol’, an enterprise aimed to promote living in harmony with nature with renewable energy as basis for future development.

WE! The Power of
Innovation – Transformation - Preservation

CosmoSol represents a unique, transformative combination of minds and talents to harness innovations in Renewable Energy, IT & Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Big Data Analytics & Automation to empower enterprises and business.

Supported by the spirit of transformative actions, our mandate is to provide simple, effective and responsive solutions to needs in energy, electronics and automation.

About CosmoSol

An Indian headquartered organization, building on its strength in Designing-Developing- Engineering-Manufacturing of Technological Solutions. For international clients CosmoSol has foot prints in the other end of Indian Ocean- Kenya, a Land of Opportunities. .


...is to reach the common to have sustainable energy as their main source and integration of technology helps for better efficiency & sustainability. Today, if we start practicing this ideology, in a decade we can hope for
"Good Greener World - Better Mother Earth - Best Future Generations"

Our Team

Young - Adaptive - Aspirational - Transformative !

We are supported by a dedicated team of advisory members, with experience working with Governments and private sector, serving as our mentors and supporters.

Keerthy Raghavan
Chief Executive Officer
Himanshu Bahmani
Chief Information Officer
Ravi Kashi
Chief Technology Officer
Prakriti Raghavan
Executive Director

CEO Statement

I believe in “Energy Conserved is Life Preserved”
As articulated by Mr.Rick Tumlinson in his work Frontier Files.
"We... see our civilization at crossroads... Down one path is a future of limits to growth, environmental degradation and ultimately extinction. Down the other part lie limitless growth, an environmentally pristine earth and open and free frontier in space"

Solutions & Services Portfolio

It’s an era of Internet of Things (IoT); our cloud based platform and wireless applications deals with real time data. We work on end to end IT & Embedded Systems, Power Electronics to provide a comprehensive Solutions to our clients. Our Big Data Analytical services discovers insights from data and transforms into business opportunities.

  • Big Data Analytics

Governments and Utility companies thriving to reduce carbon foot prints and conserve energy. Moving with IoT technology by transforming the existing infrastructure to Smart Grid is The option. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is the first step to towards the Smart Grid.

A disruptive innovation integrates a Smart Meter module onto electronic meters to read the meters automatically. It also converts the existing infrastructure into an AMI with an option of Post-Pre paid metering.

  • “Smart Read” an IS 16444 compliant, disruptive solution works for 1&3 phase meters. Digital Technology for Data Transmission- RF, LoRa WAN, Intelligent modem
  • Remote meter reading, paper less billing & distribution, online & mobile payments, improved collection, consumer indexing and data analytics are the key highlights
  • Salient features - Online energy accounting & Loss detection, real time energy audit, tamper detection, remote disconnection & reconnection, conversion of postpaid to pre and Vice versa… .
  • Lower capex, faster payback, higher ROI, converting existing electronic meter to AMI, and better demand side management are the key benefits on investment aspects.

Global warming and short supply of electricity world over is driving the Governments to regulate consumer devices and effectively utilize available power. Our expertise in Utility Automation accelerates energy conservation, financial efficiency and investments reliability .

Our Utility ERP solution is built for Discoms which automates and integrates the process across finance, projects & inventory department, improves operational control and visibility.
  • Real Time Energy Audit can be done by tagging consumers with corresponding feeders and transformers where the input and output power is matched to identify where the loss is occurred. This enables Discoms to take corrective measures to prevent losses
  • Our TRM (Total Revenue Management ) is a complete headend software solution that automates data collection, work process and analysis in billing and collection for utilities. It eliminates loss, increases billing & collection efficiencies and helps Utilities to increase profits & revenue

Our EMS solutions helps commercial & industrial consumers to monitor, control and conserve energy. Smart Sub-Metering System automatically extracts real time data - units consumed, power, load factor etc… from meters, BMS, and sensors on electrical circuits which can be analysed and factored to lower power consumption

  • Measure non-lighting loads to extract energy saving opportunities and reduce machinery usage during off-hours, record and view real time dash board
  • Smart Sub-Metering System unveils the units consumed to allocate facility overhead and calculate production costs by measuring the energy costs of unit production. Insights on lighting and other electrical loads helps quantification of operational expenses
  • Data captured through EMS allows to analyse energy usage profiling, time of use billing, demand forecasting, demand response, rate of flow recording, leak detection, flow monitoring and energy conservation enforcement, remote shutoff & much more

Big Data Analytics is a hub of data science innovation where our in-house data scientists are pioneered on Data Mining, Forecasting, Predictive Analytics, Mathematical Modelling, Machine Learning to improve marketing and business strategies.

Social Media Analytics & Digital Marketing - In-Store Design and Retail Consulting - Marketing and Pricing Analytics - Geo and Supply Chain Analytics – Machine Learning – Customized Solutions are just a start of our offerings !

  • Analytics pays back more than 10 times the amount spent; by increasing revenues, decreasing costs. Huge opportunity to enhance Quality of Decision Making by using Analytics, since minor improvements in accuracy can translate into millions of dollars
  • Business Intelligence is needed to run the business while Business Analytics is needed to change the business.BI is important to improve your decision-making based on past results, while predictive analytics helps in decision making based on future trends.
  • Its a known fact that Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are going to change the future.Analytics can serve as a strategic point of differentiation from the competitors and growing the market share. Companies who leverage analytics today will be leaders of tomorrow.

Products & Services Portfolio

Our fusion of intelligent solutions eliminates energy waste & dictates to zero-net energy. VyuHA-Integrated Automation, a State-of-The-Art Technology combines lighting loads and electrical equipment’s into one system, helps monitor, control & thus achieves energy efficiency.Green Building = VyuHA + Solar Power + Smart Solar Outdoor Lights

Solution Developers & Partners

Our products & solutions have been recognized by prestigious institutions which encourage us to thrive and bring about more innovative and creative products which can help in living a cleaner planet

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