• CosmoSol World

    The word ‘Cosmo’ refers to the world or universe while ‘Sol’ in Latin means sun..

    Harnessing the enormous energy from Sun to transform this world underpin the philosophy of ‘CosmoSol’, an enterprise aimed to promote living in harmony with nature with renewable energy as basis for future development.

WE! The Power of
Innovation – Transformation - Preservation

CosmoSol represents a unique, transformative combination of minds and talents to harness innovations in Renewable Energy, IT & Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Big Data Analytics, Automation and Telecom to empower enterprises and business.

Supported by the spirit of transformative actions, our mandate is to provide simple, effective and responsive solutions to needs in energy, electronics and automation.

About CosmoSol

CosmoSol is an organization which connects human intellect with nature by harnessing the natural resources for the benefit of mankind without creating an imbalance in the eco system.

CosmoSol's Philosophy

Our quest is to reach the common to have sustainable energy as their main source and integrate embedded solutions to monitor, maintain and achieve better results. Today, if we start practicing this ideology, in a decade we can hope for
"Good Greener World - Better Mother Earth - Best Future Generations"

Our Team

Young - Adaptive - Aspirational - Transformative !

We are supported by a dedicated team of advisory members, with experience working with Governments and private sector, serving as our mentors and supporters.

Keerthy Raghavan
Chief Executive Officer
Himanshu Bahmani
Chief Information Officer
Ravi Kashi
Chief Technology Officer
Prakriti Raghavan
Executive Director

CEO Statement

I believe in “Energy Conserved is Life Preserved”
As articulated by Mr.Rick Tumlinson in his work Frontier Files.
"We... see our civilization at crossroads... Down one path is a future of limits to growth, environmental degradation and ultimately extinction. Down the other part lie limitless growth, an environmentally pristine earth and open and free frontier in space"

Solutions & Services Portfolio

It’s an era of Internet of Things (IoT); our cloud based platform and applications deals with real time data. We work on end to end IT & Embedded Systems, Power Electronics to provide a comprehensive Solutions to our clients. Our Big Data Analytical services discovers insights from data and transforms into business opportunities.

  • IT & Embedded Solutions
  • Power Electronics
  • Big Data Analytics

Our programmers develop software and platforms starting from smart phones to cloud computers. Embedded solutions team designs hardware and firmware for specific customer needs. These two disciplines work in unison to break down complex business problems and provide solutions that just work!

  • Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) – RFID, Bar Code, Readers & Antenna.
  • Solar Power - Panel Level Yield Measure, Automated Maintenance, iMPPT charge controllers.
  • Automation - Sensors, Actuators, Controllers, Dash Board.
  • Safety & Security Solutions (SSS) – E-Lock with GSM/GPRS, VTS, Sensor, Alarms.

Global warming and short supply of electricity world over is driving the Governments to regulate consumer devices and effectively utilize available power. Our expertise in Power Electronics accelerates product designs exceeding tough efficiency and reliability requirements.

  • Agri Pump Mobile Control – Remote control and monitor of Irrigation pumps, bore hole pumps.
  • Energy Recorder – Measures currents and Voltages, Computes Power and Energy.
  • High Efficiency Grid Battery Chargers – 4 Stage battery charger with >95% efficiency.
  • Variable Frequency Drivers (VFD) – Motor controller application.

Our Big Data Analytics Services is a hub of data science innovation where our in-house data scientists are pioneered on Data Mining, Forecasting, Predictive Analytics, Mathematical Modeling, to improve marketing and business strategies.

  • Social Media Analytics and Digital Marketing
  • In-Store Design and Retail Consulting
  • Marketing and Pricing Analytics
  • Geo and Supply Chain Analytics

Our Product Portfolio

Our innovation on Green Energy caters to all the segments across the society such as Uni-Light to street vendor, Tri-Light to smaller huts, Solar Energy to Rural World, Smart Sustainable home for Urban Homes , Solar and Wind Hybrid solutions to large operations, energy generation through Power Plants.

Awards and Media

Our products have been recognized by prestigious institutions which encourage us to thrive and bring about more innovative and creative products which can help in living a cleaner planet

National Geographic Newswatch

Shedding Light in the Night: How Solar Energy and Mobile Charging Improves Quality of Life in India

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IESA Award

Awarded "Most Innovative Product of the Year 2012" by Dr. Gary Patton, Vice President, IBM

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ISA broadbases to include electronics

Award for the most innovative product awarded by India Electronics and Semiconductor Association

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